About Us

Nurturıng Brıght Futures

As Kidsland Preschool, our purpose is to provide a happy, and safe environment in which children have the opportunity to thrive and develop emotionally, socially, physically to their full potential. Our school is located in Ümitköy on a 1000 m2 including spacious classrooms with rich materials, two large gardens and playgrounds.

We continue to teach 0 to 6 year old kids at our school with Child Development Teachers and Assistant Teachers. All of our teachers are graduated from university. They are versatile and passionate about their work and also they are able to connect with students very easily. They inspire students in many ways by adopting the education system based on ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’. This is a theory describing the ways students learn and acquire information. 

These multiple intelligences range from the use of words, numbers, pictures and music, to the importance of social interactions, introspection, physical movement and being in tune with nature. In our school our students are introduced to English from age of 2. Each group acquires second language by living and without realizing it in the natural course of life with Turkish and Native Teachers who are professionals in their fields. Our students are aimed to develop social skills and become versatile individuals by gym, music(orff), art and craft, drama, and coding lessons. Kidsland is open 12 months a year. Every month, we have activities like tours to Anıtkabir, museums, parks, … etc. with the purpose of learning by experience. And also we have activities such as theatre, job presentations, parties ( chestnut, colour, funny sock…) Our school psychologist works with the teachers and students. She supports a student’s ability to learn and teacher’s ability to teach. She develops strategies about the students and informs the parents afterwards. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child to our school. We are so excited about the great things that will happen in the future.